I can’t get my Cleaner connected to my Wi-Fi

If you can't connect the 'Princess Robot Vacuum Deluxe' to your Wi-Fi network and operate the Cleaner via the app on your Smartphone, Then try to solve this with the procedure below. You may have to repeat the procedure several times to make a good connection.

The connection process consists of 2 parts: Connecting the Cleaner to Wi-Fi and Connecting the Cleaner to your HomeWizard account.

Connecting the Cleaner to Wi-Fi

  1. Is the Cleaner you want to link to your account in Wi-Fi connect mode?
    • To put the Cleaner in Wi-Fi connect mode, give a long-press on the Dock’ button on the top of the Cleaner. A ‘Pulsing’ animation will show on the cleaner like this:
    • It is advised to put the Cleaner in Wi-Fi connect mode before starting the connection process in the Cleaner app
  2. Is your Wi-Fi enabled on your smartphone?
    • Firstly check whether your Smartphone is connected to your Wi-Fi network. 
    • On a Apple iPhone
      1. In the home screen go to 'Settings'> 'Wifi'.
      2. Check if the Wi-Fi is turned on. Your iPhone/iPad will now automatically search for available Wi-Fi networks.
      3. If you are connected to the network, you will see a checkmark next to the network and Connected to Wi-Fi in the upper-left corner of your screen or the upper-right corner of an iPhone X
      On a Android Smartphone
      1. Tap the Settings > Wi-Fi. (If you have Android 6.0, just tap Wi-Fi )
      2. Check that the toggle behind Wi-Fi is on. The device now automatically searches for available WiFi networks.
      3. If you are connected to the network, you will see aConnected to Wi-Fi in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  3. Is your Wi-Fi network on and is the signal strong in the place where you want to connect your Cleaner?
    • Are both the phone and Cleaner close to the router? i.e. is the Wi-Fi signal strong on both devices? 
  4. Is your phone (the one that is used to connect the Cleaner to Wi-Fi) connected to the correct Wi-Fi network?
    • With an advanced Wi-Fi router it is possible to make different Wi-Fi points. Make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi network on your phone to which you want to connect your Cleaner. 
  5. Is the password that you entered into the phone during setup correct? 
    • This must be the password of the Wi-Fi network. Check whether the Wi-Fi password is correct. If necessary copy the password from the router to prevent typing errors.
  6. The Cleaner does not support 5 GHz networks.
    • In most cases it is possible to switch on both (2.4Ghz as 5Ghz) on your router. Remember that while installing your Cleaner, your Smartphone also needs to be connected to the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network. Please consult your router’s manual if you do not know what Wi-Fi frequencies your router supports.
  7. The Cleaner does not support Guest networks.
    • It is not possible to install the cleaner on a guest network. While installing your Cleaner, your Smartphone must not be connected to a guest Wi-Fi network.
  8. Hidden Wi-Fi network
    It is recommended not to use a hidden Wi-Fi network during installation.

Connecting the Cleaner to the user’s HomeWizard account

After the Cleaner is connected to Wi-Fi, the App will try to connect it to your HomeWizard account. If anything goes wrong while connecting to your account, try the following:

  1. During initial App setup (when first launching the app)
    • Make sure that you entered a valid email address for your new HomeWizard account and ensure that you have received a confirmation email on that email account
    • Make sure you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Cleaner
  2. When adding a Cleaner in the app if you are already logged in
    • Make sure you are logged into your HomeWizard account. Verify this by going tapping the  ‘Settings’  button in the top right corner and tapping on your account. Is the account information shown correct?
      • If the information is correct, try completely killing the app and restarting it.
      • If the information is incorrect and/or restarting the app didn’t work, try logging out and logging back in. Tap Settings’  in the top right corner, tap on your account then tap ‘Log out’.
  3. Is your device’s time set correctly?
    • If the time is not set correctly, it might cause issues with authentication to our servers.