Air conditioning units when in operation also collect moisture from the air to provide a more comfortable environment this is known as dehumidifying. 

The water collected from the air during operation is collected in the water tray inside the air conditioner, depending on how often the air conditioner is used will depend on how often it would need to be emptied. 

You will also be alerted when the water is full as the W.F light will illuminate and the unit will stop working until emptied. 

It is always advised to drain the water before moving the unit, this will avoid an water spilling onto the floor during movement. 

Step 1. Raise the unit up

Step 2. Place a container below the unit to collect the water. The maximum amount of water to be drained is 0.5l. 

Step 3. On the back of the item at the bottom left is the water plug, remove this and the water will begin to slowly flow. 

Step 4. Once finished, put the plug back in place.